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Robin Rowland, February 26, 2015

Woodside, new Kitimat LNG partner, borrows $1 billion in new bondsWoodside Petroleum, the new partner with Chevron in the Kitimat LNG project is raising US$1 billion through the issue of corporate bonds into the U.S.

Robin Rowland, February 25, 2015

Bish Forest Service Road reopens to the public on March 1, 2015The Bish Forest Service Road will reopen to the public on March 1, 2015.

Robin Rowland, February 21, 2015

Courts, costs stall Northern GatewayUpdated Feb.

Robin Rowland, January 29, 2015

Long term outlook good for North American LNG, consultant predicts A US-based engineering and consulting firm, Black & Veatch has issued an optimistic outlook for liquified natural gas exports from both Canada and the United States.

Robin Rowland, January 29, 2015

Mongolia to hold text message referendum on future of Rio Tinto copper mineMongolia will hold a reality television style text message referendum on the future of Rio Tinto's troubled Oyu Tolgoi copper mine project, the Financial Times reports.

Robin Rowland, January 24, 2015

Moricetown band joins Pacific Trail Partnership, Kitimat LNG now has all First Nation councils on boardChevron,  the lead corporation in the Kitimat LNG project announced on January 23 that the Moricetown Indian Band had agreed to join the First Nations Limited Partnership, in effe...

Robin Rowland, January 22, 2015

Northwest Coast Energy News on limited hiatusThings are pretty quiet at the moment, so Northwest Coast Energy News is going on a limited hiatus until April while I work on a related project.