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Northwest Coast Energy News is the main source on the World Wide Web of breaking news and in-depth analysis on energy, environment and science on the northwest coast of British Columbia. The audience grows daily. After three and a half years of operation, about 75 per cent of the audience is in the Kitimat and northern BC region; 15 per cent from the rest of Canada and 10 per cent international, many from energy headquarter centres like Calgary, Edmonton, Houston, London, as well as China and Japan.

This is an opportunity to reach both a regional and an international audience with your ads, an audience that will grow as Kitimat’s energy projects grow. With the audience still growing, an ad on Northwest Coast Energy News is highly competitive with the Kitimat Daily and the Northern Sentinel. (Note The Northern Sentinel is now behind a “pay wall” and therefore the web audience for ads on the Sentinel is limited.)

Pay What You Can/Pay What It’s Worth
There’s uncertainty in the online ad market these days. The ad must bring value to the advertiser and even if a potential customer clicks on an ad, you don’t really know if it is effective. A customer may not click on ad but come to your site later or purchase in a bricks and mortar store. With trafficking software, far too often, an ad based on tracking appears to the viewer after they have already purchased a product.

So how can Northwest Coast Energy News provide value to a potential advertiser.
Our rates are simple: Pay What You Can/Pay What You Think It’s Worth.

You chose the size of the ad, the positioning on the site, how long you want it to run and how much you want to pay. In most cases we’ll agree to your proposal.

You will receive a receipt that you can use as business expense.

To advertise contact us.

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