Northwest Coast Energy News is only semi-retired

This site has not been that active for the past couple of years.

However, Northwest Coast Energy News is only semi-retired.

The main reason is simple.  It is almost impossible to compete with Facebook.

Facebook and Google have a duopoly controlling almost all the world’s digital advertising.   With even almost all major media losing revenue in catastrophic amounts news coverage is shrinking everywhere.

The situation is worse for small-town media and worst for sole practitioner websites like Northwest Coast Energy News.  No income.

It is logical that advertisers will go to where the “eyeballs” are–in this case Facebook.  But the long term loss of income is creating what are called “news deserts” from big city neighborhoods to small towns.

The second problem is that Facebook sucks up most of the news.  It is no longer practical to produce a “local angle” on a story if everyone is reading the story from wire stories or major media on Facebook.

That said there is still room for local coverage that no one else is covering.

So there will be local stories on this site if the story itself warrants the time and energy I have to put it into the work. It is likely those stories will be few and far between.  However, Northwest Coast Energy News will remain somewhat active for the foreseeable future.

Happy New Year 2019