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Northwest Coast Energy News is a news and information intelligence site that reports on aspects of the in-progress and proposed energy developments on the northwest coast of British Columbia.

Northwest Coast Energy News also covers stories of science and the environment in northwestern British Columbia, often ignored by the metropolitan media.

As world attention focuses more and more on what is happening  in the northwest BC region,  our coverage reflects the perspective and concerns of the people in this area.

Northwest Coast Energy News makes sure that all aspects of key issues facing the region; concerns of all local communities, including First Nations, the environmental issues and the aims of the energy industry, are covered fairly and completely from a northwest British Columbia perspective.

The aim is to provide “actionable intelligence” to our readers, both in the Kitimat region and in the world wide energy industry.

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Only Northwest Coast Energy News can serve all readers with vital northwest coast local intelligence that these other media organizations fail to provide.

It is vital for both the energy industry and the environmental movement to have reliable reporting on what is happening here in the northwest. It is vital for local communities to be aware of what these distant players are doing.

On the coast, there are two distinct energy issues, first, the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline (and possibly other bitumen transportation projects) and second, plans for Liquified Natural Gas projects. Both are about the transportation of hydrocarbons, but very different hydrocarbons. At the same time, these two issues are related, pipelines may be built across some of the most rugged territory on the planet, prone to landslides and earthquakes. Both projects plan to send their products across stormy seas to Asia and both have been called “vital” to the future of the Canadian economy.

Northwest Coast Energy News aims to be the reliable source of news and intelligence for all sides of this issue, ensuring that the readers are aware of anything that has a bearing on the eventual outcomes. That means Northwest Coast Energy News will feature reporting and other original content, along with aggregation of what other media outlets are reporting.

We welcome news releases, story ideas and tips from all those interested in northwest coast energy issues.


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We aim to provide the best information and resources to

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the recreational and commercial fishery
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Comments are welcome on all stories on the site.  Readers should note that given the highly controversial and often emotional nature of the issues, especially in this region, all comments will be strictly moderated and offensive comments of any nature will not be approved.  Since this site is intended to provide “actionable intelligence” to all its readers, no matter where they stand on the issues, the design will include provisions to minimize anonymous comments.

Robin Rowland

Editor and Publisher
Kitimat, BC.
May 9, 2011

Last updated Oct. 1, 2013

Northwest Coast Energy News is a division of Raven Coast Creative, owned and operated by Robin Rowland.

Robin Rowland grew up in Kitimat in the 1950s and 1960s.  He returned to his home town after retirement in 2010 after a 30 year career in journalism, mostly at CBC News, where he was a producer, writer, lineup editor, web producer and photo editor.  He also worked for CTV News and the Sudbury Star and taught journalism at Ryerson University.  He is the author of five books and also works as a professional photographer.