KM LNG final arguments set for Thursday in Calgary

The National Energy Board panel hearing KM LNG’s (also known as Kitimat LNG) application for an natural gas export licence will hear final arguments from the lawyers for the various parties at the NEB offices in Calgary beginning at 9:30 a.m. MT Thursday.

The hearings which began in Kitimat in June, resumed Wednesday in Calgary.  Most of the day was spent with testimony and discussion about how various regulations in a number of countries could affect the Kitimat project.   Some witnesses testified that the Asian countries which could be the prime market for any liquified natural gas exported through Kitimat are nervous about the reporting and disclosure requirements required by some Canadian regulations.  There could be conflicts between those regulations and the customers desire to keep some information proprietary and confidential or, in cases where the LNG is purchased by a national government that government’s national security practices may also prevent some disclosure.  Some witnesses worried that the Canadian requirements just might be a deal breaker for some Asian customers who want ease of access as well as security of supply and thus would not want to be tangled in red tape.

 There was also some discussion of the need to reconcile the Canadian reporting requirements with those the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

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