Gitxaala First Nation settles with KM LNG


The Gitxaala First Nation has settled its dispute with the KM LNG (also known as Kitimat LNG) over it’s application before the National Energy Board for an export licence.

A letter from Robert Janes, representing the Gitxaala, was filed with the  NEB on Sept. 29, saying they were withdrawing their intervention and their motion for further hearings.

In original filings, the Gitxaala First Nation objected to a lack of consultation between the Crown and the First Nation as well as expressing concerns about the in adequacy of the Transport Canada TERMPOL process which is looking at the environmental and socio-economic effects of tanker traffic on the west coast. (TERMPOL is also part of the Enbridge Northern Gateway application).

One of the concerns of the Gitxaala that came in out in the June hearings in Kitimat was the effects of tanker wake on the coast.    Janes’ cross-examination of the KM LNG witnesses was one of the liveliest part of the Kitimat hearings.

No details of the settlement were released.

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