‘Keystone Cops’ crippling U.S. economy: National Post

Energy Politics

Diane Francis, writing in the National Post, in Keystone Cops’ crippling U.S. economy,  a wide ranging piece attacking the decision to postpone the Keystone XL pipeline, makes her contempt for all the people of northern British Columbia pretty clear in her push to get the Northern Gateway pipeline going

The other priority is to fast-track the proposed pipeline through British Columbia to the West coast to ship oil to Asian markets. The aboriginal claims must be settled financially and generously as quickly as possible before the trans-national non-state players in the environmental movement organize them and stop the pipeline.

Editor’s note: Why do the business columnists across the Canadian media continue to believe that the people of northern British Columbia, aboriginal and non-aboriginal, are so stupid and helpless that they are under the thumb of the so-called “trans-national non-state players in the environmental movement” rather than local residents concerned about the environment where the live, work and play?? (Sounds like an editorial, which will be forthcoming)