Monaghan re-elected Kitimat mayor, anti-pipeline rival Halyk well back


Updated with official results
Joanne  Monaghan has been re-elected at  mayor of Kitimat. Her chief rival, Councillor Randy Halyk was far behind.

During the campaign, Halyk announced his opposition to the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline. Mongahan maintained her  official position of neutrality on the pipeline,  although there were repeated allegations during the campaign that she supports the pipeline. Monaghan has been vocal in her support of other projects like liquified natural gas and the modernization of the Rio Tinto Alcan plant.

Official results

  • Joanne Monaghan 1356
  • Randy Halyk 619
  • Jim Thom 304
  • Danny Nunes 85

There will be a couple of new faces on District of Kitimat Council, with newcomer Edwin Empinado gaining the most votes at 1403,  followed by Mario Feldhoff, 1320, Phil Germuth, 1294, Mary Murphy, 1247, Rob Goffinet, 1167,  and Corrine Scott, 1099.

Voter turnout in Kitimat was  55 per cent.

Although incumbents were generally acclaimed or returned across the northwest, in Smithers, Taylor Bachrach, who has voiced opposition to the Northern Gateway pipeline was elected mayor, defeating incumbent Cress Farrow.  Bachrach promised a more  collaborative style of leadership  (an issue also in the Kitimat election.   Bachrach also supports the  Wet’suwet’en First Nation;s opposition to the pipeline. At least four of the successful Smithers council candidates also oppose the pipeline.

In Terrace, mayor Dave Pernarowski  was re-elected and he too has voiced opposition to the Northern Gateway as do most of the Terrace council.