Joint Review panel rejects Haisla request for joint presentation of evidence and oral statements

Joint Review Panel

The Northern Gateway Joint Review Panel has rejected a request from the Haisla First Nation that it combine its formal presentation to the panel with oral statements from members of the Haisla nation.

In a letter to the JRP on November 7,  Jennifer Griffith,  of the Vancouver firm Donovan & Company, requested that the panel should hear from the Haisla Nation as an intervenor and then hear the  more informal, 10 minute oral statements from Haisla members. The Haisla requested that the combined session be held at the Riverlodge recreation centre.

Replying to Ms. Griffith, on November 21,  the Joint Review Panel restated its position that:

…the Panel communicated its decision to first hear oral evidence  and later hear oral statements.   The Panel has drafted its hearing schedule, which will be released shortly, on that basis.  The schedule does not allow for the Panel to hear oral statements  from Haisla members  during the session to hear oral evidence  from witnesses presented by the Haisla Nation.