Harper says “American interests” lining up against Gateway

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Vivian Krause, the blogger who has chronicling the American foundations who help fund Canadian environmental groups has reached the ear of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

In her latest blog, Crause, tells Prime Minister Stephen Harper on American Funding of Canadian Environmentalists Against the Northern Gateway Enbridge Pipeline Krause publshes a transcript of an interview with Harper by Global TV.

Here’s what Prime Minister Stephen Harper told Global TV:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper: There are environmentalists who will oppose any of these projects. Obviously, there will be environmental assessments and there always have to be negotiations with First Nations but that all said, this is a critical and important project to Canada as a whole.

Global TV: Canadian opposition may not be the only stumbling block.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper: I think we’ll see significant American interests trying to line up against the Northern Gateway project, precisely because its not in the interests of the United States. Its in the interests of Canada.

Global TV: Could they do anything to stop it?

Prime Minister Harper: Well, they’ll funnel money through environmental groups and others in order to try to slow it down but, as I say, we’ll make sure that the best interests of Canada are protected.

That also seems to imply that Stephen Harper considers the completion of the pipeline in “the best interest of Canadians.”

Krause concludes “Glad to hear it said.”