Gitxsan again reject Enbridge deal, demand resignation of GTO employees

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Leaders of the Gitxsan Nation have again rejected the deal the Gitxsan Treaty Organization made with Enbridge, endorsing the Northern Gateway Pipeline.

A press release published on Facebook by the environmental group Pipe Up Against Enbridge says in part.

On Sunday, December 4th, 2011, 3 of the Gitxsan Clans held separate meetings in 3 locations to voice their concerns and consider their future action in regards to the announcement of the signing of an agreement between the Gitxsan and Enbridge.

Gitxsan people were unaware of the undertakings with Enbridge. The Gitxsan people through Simogyet Delgamuukw say, “NO to the Enbridge Pipeline Project”. Numerous concerns from the meetings were brought forward to an emergency Gitxsan Treaty Society Board meeting held on Sunday afternoon, December 4th, to have the Gitxsan voices transferred into action.
On Sunday evening, an All Clans meeting was held to discuss the unified direction of the Gitxsan. Simogyet Delgamuukw was selected to be the spokesperson for the Gitxsan. The Simgigyet (Gitxsan Chiefs) stated: “We have traditional protocols in place that dictate the actions of the Gitxsan people when making important decisions that will impact the whole Gitxsan Nation and/or neighbouring Nations. These protocols were not followed by the Gitxsan Treaty Society negotiators.”

Immediate action has been taken to deal with the people responsible for negotiating and signing the agreement with Enbridge. The press release of December 2nd, 2011 was not sanctioned by the Gitxsan. All government agencies and other related business contacts are put on notice with this press release that our 2 negotiators and our Executive Director no longer represent the Gitxsan at any level.

The Globe and Mail in Gitxsan hereditary chiefs demand negotiators in Enbridge deal resign reports:

After emergency meetings over the weekend, a group of hereditary chiefs marched on the offices of the Gitxsan Treaty Society on Monday to demand the immediate resignation of three of the society’s employees. Those employees include Elmer Derrick, a Gitxsan Treaty Society negotiator and a hereditary chief who on Friday announced a deal with Enbridge to support the Northern Gateway project.

Thousands to speak on proposed Northern Gateway pipeline

Northern Gateway 

John Cotter of Canadian Press reports that at least 4,000 people have signed up to speak at the Northern Gateway Joint Review hearings, even though the panel staff has not yet finished counting the applications for oral arguments.

Thousands to speak on proposed Northern Gateway pipeline

More than 4,000 people and groups have registered to speak at hearings into a proposed pipeline that would ship crude from Alberta’s oil sands to fill supertankers on the British Columbia coast.

Opponents of the $5.5-billion Enbridge Inc. Northern Gateway pipeline hope the surge of public interest will pressure Ottawa not to approve the project.

Cotter also says Enbridge is becoming worried about the delays and is now saying activists are trying to manipulate the hearings:

Calgary-based Enbridge says it welcomes public input, but is concerned the process could bog down.

Enbridge spokesman Paul Stanway said the project is already eight months to a year behind. If approved, it’s possible the startup date for the pipeline could be pushed beyond 2017.

He said Enbridge is also concerned people could be manipulated by groups that hope to turn Northern Gateway into an anti-oils ands battleground similar to the Keystone XL pipeline debate in the United States.

“There is no question that the groups internationally who are opposed to the development of oil sands oil are focused on both projects,” Mr. Stanway said.

In a news release, the group Forest Ethics says the 4,000 oral witnesses will far surpass the 558 that spoke before the Mackenzie Valley pipeline hearings in the 1970s.

The news release quotes Jolan Bailey, Canadian Outreach Coordinator with ForestEthics as saying: “It’s clear this project has struck a very public nerve,”. “Enbridge’s plan to punch a pipeline through to the West Coast has hit a wall of opposition that stretches from Kitimat to Kalamazoo.”

ForestEthics says at least three residents from Michigan plan to speak about the damage wrought by Enbridge’s spill into the Kalamazoo River in July of 2010.

Douglas Channel Watch wins best float in Kitimat Canada Day parade

454-Rowland_Canada Day parade 019.jpg

(Robin Rowland/Northwest Coast Energy News)
The environmental group Douglas Channel Watch won the award for the best overall float in the Kitimat Canada Day parade on July 1, 2011.
None of the energy companies involved in the region had a float in the parade.

Enbridge defends Northern Gateway pipeline

National Post

Enbridge defends Northern Gateway pipeline

Calgary-based Enbridge Inc. defended its controversial Northern
Gateway oil pipeline Wednesday as an important “game changer” for
Canada’s economy that has been wrongly portrayed in an alarmist,
inaccurate and unbalanced way.

In a Calgary speech, Stephen Wuori, president of Enbridge’s liquids
pipeline unit, urged the audience to help balance the discussion about
energy and energy development by taking critics to task on rumour,
misinformation and myth.

“When we read a newspaper story that gives credence and airtime to
unfounded anti-business, anti- development rhetoric, let’s call the
reporter, write a letter to the editor,” he said in his speech.