Canada firms may miss Chinese market   Enbridge VP warns energy sector must act: Calgary Herald

Calgary Herald

Canada firms may miss Chinese market  Enbridge VP warns energy sector must act

If Canada’s energy firms don’t start exporting to China now, others might beat them to it, according to an Enbridge Inc. vice-president. 

 The warning by Byron Neiles, who heads up major projects for the Calgary-based company, was one of several made by industry voices to delegates at a national forum in Calgary on doing business with Hong Kong, hosted by the Hong Kong Canada Business Association. 

They argued the window of opportunity to sell to China won’t always be open largely due to competition and the chance the world’s second largest economy may cease growing at its current staggering pace – reducing the money its investors can spend.

One thought on “Canada firms may miss Chinese market   Enbridge VP warns energy sector must act: Calgary Herald”

  1. How do the Canadian firms miss out on China’s market for oil? We all know China bought a huge chunk of the dirty Alberta tar sands, 49% I do believe.

    Not only does Enbridge have a very bad record, for pipeline bursts. It now seems, Enbridge has a bad record for lying.

    The search is already on, for an alternate route, for the dirty tar sands, to be delivered to China, U.S. and India.

    The First Nations people, and thousands of BC people, do not want that filthy tar sands crud, anywhere near our province. Never in the history of the world, have we ever found, an energy dirtier than the tar sands. Shame on Harper and Campbell, for promoting this dirty energy, to the most polluted country’s in the world.

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