Enbridge response to Gitxsan controversy

Enbridge has released a response to the controversy over its agreement with Elmer Derrick of the Gitxsan Treaty Office.

Agreement With Gitxsan Hereditary Chiefs

• Enbridge
Northern Gateway Pipelines welcomes the agreement with the Gitxsan
Hereditary Chiefs on behalf of the Gitxsan Nation. We believe it
demonstrates vision and leadership and will bring significant benefits
to the Gitxsan people.

• The agreement is between the
Gitxsan First Nation as represented by Gitxsan Hereditary Chiefs, and
Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines. The Hereditary Chiefs hold title to
Gitxsan territory and are the negotiating authority for the Gitxsan

• The agreement is expected to deliver $ 7 million
in net profit to Gitxsan. Northern Gateway is providing financing. This
commitment to partnership has helped provide foundation for pending
Gitxsan and Enbridge dialogue regarding regional renewable energy

• Aboriginal participation in Northern Gateway is
an important goal, and one we have worked hard to achieve. The design of
our benefits offering reflects years of consultation with First Nations
and Métis communities along our existing and proposed pipeline

• We believe these commitments will break
new ground by providing an unprecedented level of long-term economic and
social benefits to Aboriginal communities in the North. We are working
to ensure Northern Gateway will create a positive long-term impact on
the economy and way of life of northern residents, particularly
Aboriginal communities.

• Through equity ownership,
Aboriginal people will be able to generate a significant new revenue
stream that could help achieve the priorities of their people – such as
improved health care, education and housing.

All quotes can be attributed to Enbridge spokesman Paul Stanway.