LNG, Clio Bay construction superintendent contract position posted on job sites

A job for a “construction area superintendent” for both the Kitimat LNG plant and the Clio Bay restoration appeared on job sites in the world wide web on October 1.  The posting expires on December 31.

The job was originally posted by Brunel Energy, a consulting firm that describes itself as  a company that  “provides specialist personnel to the international oil & gas, petrochemical, power generation and construction industries.”

The contract job, which, requires 20 years experience and will pay between $1,500 and $2,500 a day, calls for someone who would be “developing project level execution plans for EW&I, LNG Plant & Clio Bay restoration program, and implement/control against these plans in accordance with Project Management System (PMS) processes, procedures and standards.” That superintendent will eventually turn over “functioning facilities to LNG Plant or operations staff.”

As well as standard requirements for a giant construction job of this nature, the requirements include:

• Represent the Company in all interfaces with BC and Kitimat agency associated with EW&I construction activity. Maintaining a positive relationship with the agency by conforming to all regulations and resolving areas of uncertainty in a mutually agreeable manner.
• Maintaining positive relations with the First Nations Haisla representative, recognizing them as a partner and owner of the overall Kitimat LNG Project Development.

Chevron and Apache are partners in the development of the KM LNG project at Bish Cove.