BC releases special report on LNG jobs and training

BC LNG reportThe BC Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training today released a special report on the job prospects for the LNG industry and the policies needed on training, job mobility and use of temporary foreign workers.

A news release says:

Premier Christy Clark today accepted all recommendations in ‘The Premier’s Liquefied Natural Gas Working Group: Final Report’ as a road map to making sure British Columbia has the skilled labour force it needs to seize the opportunity of liquefied natural gas.

The report, produced by representatives of government, LNG proponents, organized labour, and the Haisla Nation, maps out 15 recommendations on planning, skills training, marketing and developing best practices within the LNG sector to attract a mobile workforce.

“To bring home the opportunity presented by LNG, we have to work together — government, industry, First Nations and labour,” said Premier Clark. “Everyone here today is working toward the same goal – making sure British Columbians benefit from this generational opportunity.”

Premier Clark called together the working group after her first meeting with representatives of organized labour in September 2013. At that historic meeting it was agreed that all parties would to work together to map out how they could work together to solve some of the complex challenges associated with the LNG opportunity.

“I want to thank the Premier for setting up the working group. I also want to thank the representatives of the Haisla Nation, industry, labour and government as it has been quite a process to come to agreement on the recommendations,” said Jim Sinclair, president of the BC Federation of Labour. “We were able to get beyond our differences by keeping our focus on what B.C. workers need to take advantage of the potential that lies in LNG. Now we have to ensure that the 15 recommendations are implemented. This investment in the workers of British Columbia will lead to good jobs. As we know, good jobs build a better B.C.”

The report includes one recommendation on developing a working group moving forward, four recommendations on skills training planning and implementation, two recommendations on marketing and promotions, three recommendations on apprenticeship trades and mentoring, two recommendations on a mobile workforce, one recommendation on timelines and two recommendations on the use of workers from other jurisdictions. The recommendations will be reflected in the 10-year skills training plan that will be released soon.

“Premier Clark recognized early the need for LNG workforce development in collaboration with industry, labour, and government,” said David Keane, vice president, policy and corporate affairs for BG Canada’s Prince Rupert LNG project. “Skills training is critical to ensure citizens of the province might realize the full economic benefits of LNG.”

From the report…..

Top 10 Construction-
Related Jobs with the
Greatest Demand

1.Steamfitters &
2.Construction traders
helpers & labourers
(including riggers)
4.Concrete finishers
5.Heavy equipment
7.Truck drivers
8.Purchasing agents &
9.Gas fitters
10.Crane operators

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2 thoughts on “BC releases special report on LNG jobs and training”

  1. i like it a lot,BUT you should not be hiring out of country worker’s till you run out of canadian’s to train and fill these job’s,enough already with the old(we can’t find anybody bs) there are plenty of out of work canadians here with skills that have paid taxes here and raise families here that are having a hard time due to economic time’s,such as myself and i have plenty of skills,however trying to get in on the action prove’s to be difficult on vancouver island,maybe the christ clark government could extend the olvive branch and scoop the left out worker’s here who are out of work and let them have a job before allowing more immigrant’s to take from us. enough christy there are many guy’s and girl’s here that want to work.no more immigrant’s till we get a job,come on now. we need work to and not just tourist part time work we need real job’s too.

  2. closing my auto shop in june to go seek work in alberta,because there is nothing here on the island,cant afford to live here if there is no work.so where are these bc job’s we have been hearing about for the last five years,i know many that would welcome good employment and have skills such as myself.

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