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Teachers picket line

Monaghan slams Douglas Channel Watch for “disrespectful” demonstration as striking teachers picket Christy Clark

  Updates with reason teachers moved picket site Kitimat Mayor Joanne Monaghan has slammed Douglas Channel Watch for a “disrespectful” demonstration held during the ceremony that saw the transfer of land from the province of BC to the Haisla Nation. BC Premier Christy Clark came to Kitimat for the event. There were two groups of protesters across Haisla Boulevard from the transfer ceremony. While some were from Douglas Channel Watch, the vast majority were striking teachers. In an e-mail from Monaghan to District staff and…

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S/Sgt. Phil Harrison

As Gateway decision nears, RCMP, District of Kitimat in long term planning for potential protests

At least three rallies are planned for Kitimat on Tuesday, June 17, as BC Premier Christy Clark is scheduled to arrive to announce a new agreement with the Haisla Nation and, a few hours later, the Harper government will announce its decision on approving the Northern Gateway project. The Harper government is expected to approve the highly controversial pipeline, terminal and tanker project and once that happens, it is  likely that Kitimat will be the focus of protests against (and perhaps for) Northern Gateway. District…

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Protest rally

Defend our coast rally in Kitimat

About 250 people took part in the Defend Our Coast Rally at Mount Elizabeth Secondary School, Saturday, Nov. 16, 2013. The Kitimat protest was part of what organizers said were 130 rallies across Canada to protest environmentally threatening energy developments including the Alberta bitumen sands and various pipeline projects under the labels of Defend Our Climate or Defend Our Coast.  

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Gitxsan protestors ordered to end blockade by Sunday

First Nations Members of the Gitxsan First Nation who are objecting to the deal signed between Enbridge and the Gitxsan Treaty Office have been served an injunction ordering them to end their blockade of the office in Hazelton by Sunday. CFJW Gitxsan Protesters Vow to Defy Court Injunction Protesters continue to bar access to the Gitxsan Treaty Society Office in Hazelton — and are vowing to defy a court injunction ordering them away from the office. They’re furious over last Friday’s announcement by Treaty officer and…

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Obama press secretary questioned on anti oil sands demonstrations

Energy Environment links U.S. president Barack Obama’s press secretary, Jay Carney, was asked about the continuing demonstrations  in Washington against the Alberta oil sands and the Keystone XL pipeline proposal during a “gaggle” (an informal news conference) aboard Air Force One en route to Minnesota today. The White House released this transcript of the brief exchange: Q Also, anything on these protests outside the White House on this pipeline? Has the President decided against TransCanada’s permit for the pipeline? It’s the tar sands pipeline. There…

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‘Native land claims scare the hell out of investors’: energy expert : The Hook

The Hook (Tyhee blog) ‘Native land claims scare the hell out of investors’: energy expert Fierce First Nations opposition could very well topple Enbridge’s west coast pipeline proposal, a Washington-based energy expert argues. “Native land claims scare the hell out of investors,” Robert Johnson told an Alberta energy conference, according to an Edmonton Journal report. “My level of confidence [in the project] has gone down quite a bit, unfortunately.” Johnson belongs to senior management at Eurasia Group, which claims to be the “world’s leading global…

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Time to settle First Nations land claims: Financial Post

Diane Francis, columnist, Financial Post Time to settle First Nations land claims The time has come for Canada and the provinces to make timely and responsible resource development the country’s number one national interest. This represents a policy priority that has never existed but is absolutely essential today to protect Canadian living standards and rights. To date, Canada has behaved like a patchwork quilt of special interests and various levels of government whose leaders have bobbed and weaved but never devised a just or swift…

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Rally against Enbridge Northern Gateway Project draws hundreds in Prince Rupert: Northern View

From Northern View, Prince Rupert Rally against Enbridge Northern Gateway Project draws hundreds in Prince Rupert Amidst the laughter, unity, and spirit of a rally against the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline Project, held in Prince Rupert Thursday evening, there was one word that reverberated again and again from participants. That word was no. Organizer of the rally Jenn Rice said governments may come and go, but people on the North Coast are here to stay.

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