BC 2012 halibut quota drops 8 per cent, as Canada protests devastation caused by pollock trawl in Gulf of Alaska “nursery”

The International Pacific Halibut Commission has recommended a Canadian harvest quota for the 2012 season of 7.038 million pounds of halibut, a decrease of eight per cent from the 2011 quota of 7.650 million pounds. The Department of Fisheries and … Continue reading

Recreational halibut quota buy-in program had “limited success:” DFO report to IPHC

A report prepared by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans for this week’s meeting of the International Pacific Halibut Commission in Anchorage says the controversial program where recreational fishers could buy quota from commercial fishers had only “limited success…with few … Continue reading

Editor’s note: A slight change in editorial perspective for Northwest Coast Energy News

When I founded Northwest Coast Energy News last May, I said at that time that I would follow the general policy of many councils, groups and organizations in northwestern British Columbia of a strictly neutral stance on the issue of … Continue reading

Analysis: The collapse of BC’s oil rich economy is a lesson for BC, Alberta and the world

Analysis British Columbia once had the richest, longest-lasting, sustainable oil economy on the planet. That’s almost all gone now. While the environmental movement loves to quote Joni Mitchell’s “You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone,” the collapse of … Continue reading

International Halibut Commission recommends drastic cuts in quotas, with worse to come

Environment Fishery The International Pacific Halibut Commission is recommending drastic cuts in quotas along the west coast for the 2012  season and possibly even larger cuts for the 2013 season. For area 2B, the coast of British Columbia, the IPHC … Continue reading

Alaska media is reporting halibut quotas must be halved, stocks in bad shape

Environment Fishery A number of media outlets in Alaska are reporting that at today’s meeting of the International Pacific Halibut Commission, scientists have said that the population can only sustain  harvest quotas at half the current level. The story comes … Continue reading

Kitimat takes halibut fight to BC municipal convention

Environment Fishery District of Kitimat councillor Randy Halyk, seen here at the local Jack Layton memorial on August 27, 2011, will be defending Kitimat’s resolution on halibut quotas at the Union of BC Municipalities convention.   (Robin Rowland/Northwest Coast Energy News) … Continue reading

Links: More objections to halibut closure

Environment Fishery Links Letters  and op ed opinions to various media continue, objecting to the early closure of the recreational halibut fishery. Courier IslanderRobert AlcockHalibut decision hurts economy, communities While this decision will have a substantial impact on the economies … Continue reading